Meet Shari Chase


Shari Chase is founder and president of Chase International with four offices in Lake Tahoe serving Nevada and California, and one in London, England.   The firm specializes in luxury residential, resort properties and ranches, and has the distinction of selling the highest priced residence in the United States and second highest priced in the world.  Chase’s London European Headquarters is positioned to assist buyers, sellers and other real estate professionals with their real estate transactions from beginning to end. We provide in-depth profiles on suitable properties, including details of valuations and local area information.  We offer the very best in personalized property services, and look forward to being of service to you.

Early on she led her company to the forefront with niche marketing focusing on the luxury estates at Lake Tahoe. Her vision and reputation as a trendsetter have influenced the way luxury properties are marketed globally today. Exclusive affiliations and luxury networks were critical to the development of the company’s brand and reputation.

Chase also likes an element of risk - in 1998 she opened a London office representing buyers for European properties and promoting American properties to an international clientele. She was the first company to embrace video with Brad Inman’s guidance, and she was the first real estate brokerage to launch a social network embracing Web 2.0. Chase instills this “first-to-do” attitude throughout her entire company from technology to training to recruiting and marketing.

Chase continues to incorporate new ideas into all facets of her business, whether it’s taking advantage of high tech solutions or the latest in social media networking and communication. Her company is highly energized, even in today’s environment, tapping into a vibration and awareness that attracts good things into the lives of her entire company. It’s called Heart-Centered Real Estate. “Embracing messages of abundance, awareness and positive energy is a vital ingredient for success,” says Chase.

Chase’s leadership has attracted forward-thinking professionals and a clientele second to none. Her 250 sales associates and skilled leadership team are strongly committed to providing legendary client services with an unparalleled standard of integrity and expertise. The Chase way is contagious for all who work and thrive at Chase International.

In naming the 35 most influential people in luxury real estate, Unique Homes stated, “No list would be complete without this Tahoe broker, who always has been a bit ahead of the rest. In the mid-1990s, when a $10 million or $12 million residence was considered the ultra high end, Shari Chase had landmark sales of $30 million and $50 million – a record that would stand for nearly ten years. Known for high-profile properties and clients, her firm continues as one of the industry’s pace setters. What others talk about, Chase does.”

One company. One heart. One philosophy.

Nearly $1.5 billion in annual sales